Living In A Dream World!?

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Well, I seem to have a lot to catch up on.

Every time I get the chance to write on here, I wind up using that time to sleep, seeing as I NOW have a BRAND NEW JOB!  Fuck the zoo (where I slaved for the last three years, with nothing to show for it).

I’m now a professional dog bather (no, not a groomer).  I wash, clip nails, do SANITARY trims (oh yeah, loads of fun) and…purge things.  (shudder)

No, it’s not the most interesting or glamorous job, but hey, at least I get to work with animals now.  I rarely got to do that at the zoo (irony, huh?).  And hey, it pays the bills.



This is a photo of mine from Mt. Clemens, MI. (Trust me, it’s relevant. Keep reading).)

So this weekend, I get to do something I’ve wanted to do for YEARS!  I will get into that shortly, but first, I must tell you that I have a deep passion for photography.  However, I don’t have the kind of money it takes for “professional” equipment.  So I do what I can with my 10MP point-and-shoot cameras.

A few weeks ago, my housemate, Jeannette, and I were drinking and talking well into the night.  She used to live in Chicago and go to art school (for photography) and she works for a photography company.  Whilst in Chicago, she used to be a concert photographer.  She’d get media passes and photo passes and VIP passes, free admissions, etc.  We were talking about that and here’s the conversation that ensued:

Me: “That sounds so awesome, I wish I could photograph Otep and One-Eyed Doll.  Those are two of my absolute favorite bands.”
Jeannette: “It’s actually a lot easier to score media passes than you think, especially because you and I both like smaller, lesser known bands.”
Me: “Well, what would I have to do?  They’re both going to be here on April 6th.”
Jeannette: “Basically…ask them on Facebook.”
Me: “Oh…”

And so I did!  The drummer from One-Eyed Doll is issuing Jeannette and I media passes and VIP entry to the show this weekend!  Jeannette is lending me professional grade equipment and we get to stand in the photo area, which at this particular venue…IS ON FUCKING STAGE! I get to be on the same stage with a handful of my favorite musical acts!  Fucking rock and roll lifestyle happening!  It’s like I’m living in a dream world.  I’d die of happiness if either band used any of my photos on their websites/Facebook pages and gave me credit.

In other news; I finished writing another poem, which I will post to you all shortly.

Thanks, much love.


Also, this is another photo I took of a peacock at the zoo, when I worked there.




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I write a lot of poetry, rants, raves and just…general scribblings.  So here’s one that I wrote a couple years ago.  I’ll post more, but this one happens to be my favorite piece.  I’m incorporating it into a tattoo soon.

I am the one you ripped in two.
I am the son of a man I never knew.
I am the product of all of you.
I am God to the atheist.
I am Satan to the creationist.
I am money to the extortionist.
I am the voyeur to your self-prostitution.
I am the one seeking a logical solution.
I am the inciter of the riotous revolution.
I am the metaphor in a phrase.
I can not sit in this room for days.
I am sick of you and your destructive ways.
You are Cleopatra and I am the asp.
You are Achilles and I am your heel.
You are Narcissus and I’m your reflection.
And if you’ll be the paper, I’ll be the pen.


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I’m terribly sorry that I haven’t utilized this blog the way I had intended to when I started it.  I’ve been highly outside of myself lately.  I’ve been very busy.  Weird things have happened, good things have happened, etc.  It’s kind of how life works.  I’m only just now trying to reach into myself and get back to normal.

I recently moved into a house with a couple friends in Troy, MI.  The owner (who happens to be my old boss) is in Thailand until June and one of the housemates moved out so I was offered the room.  I had to accept the offer.  My dad’s house is a soul-defeating environment.  If I ever want to do anything to better my life, I needed to get the hell out of there.  I love my dad and all, I just can’t live with him.  

Whenever I move into a new place, getting my money into order is always a difficult task until I get adjusted to rent payments.  I’m looking for a job, unemployment this season doesn’t look like it’s going to cut it.  I may even have to bite the big one and get my job back at the zoo.  No, it’s not a great job, it’s actually awful (but no, it doesn’t involve poop).

So remember when I was talking about being a teacher and my grand master plan to accomplish this?  Well, it’s still on go.  However, I plan on taking EMT classes from September to December and work as an EMT while going to school to be a teacher.  I’d make pretty good money while I was in school.

I have some more good news, but I feel as though I’m starting to ramble again, so I can hold off on the good news until the writing mood strikes me again.  I hope everyone has a great one!

Philosophy & Booze

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So. Here I am, sitting in a bar at 3:20 in the afternoon.  Drinking draft PBR (because I’m a poor punk kid) and reading an Otep Shamaya book. 
I’m in the midst of discussing biology and philosophy with the bartender and my father.  Later on tonight, I’m heading down to the Fillmore Detroit to see Marilyn Manson perform.  I really am leading an interesting life.
I had a moment free to post on here, so I figure; “why not?”

“Nobody move, nobody gets hurt…”

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19432_222457876151_7902047_nSomething happened to me today.  I feel like my luck is finally turning around and I have every opportunity to do what I want to do with my life.  The hiatus that my life was on is finally over.  I feel amazing.  I can breathe again.

I’ve spent the last four years of my life just…waiting.  I felt like I was waiting on everyone and everything else, only to realize as of late, that I’ve been waiting on myself.  I’ve been waiting for myself to move.  To jump.  To run.  To do fucking anything.

Now here I am.  It’s happened.  Great!  I have a plan.  I have the means to accomplish this plan.  I have a goal.  I have a destination.  I have the confidence and drive to get this done!

I feel like I could just walk into a prison yard and scream “NOBODY MOVE, NOBODY GETS HURT!”  Yeah, that’s how confident I am right now.  Fuck yes, this feeling.

I have to reach out and send a very special acknowledgement of deep appreciation to Carol Derrington, one of my former high school teachers.  I was feeling very down about my dream of being a teacher (yes, that’s my dream, but wait there’s more) because I didn’t have a high school diploma, I thought no one would ever hire a fuck-up like me.

So I reached out to Ms. Derrington on Facebook.

I started my conversation out with a humble apology for being so…lazy with school work.  We talked about that and the reason I had so many issues with homework and class work in high school, despite how intelligent I am (yes, I’m intelligent, I’m aware that I am and I will brag about it under appropriate circumstances).

After we moved on from that, I expressed my aspirations of being a teacher to her, and much to my surprise, I got an excited, enthusiastic reaction from her when I was expecting sarcastic disapproval.  I told her how afraid I was about not being able to get hired anywhere because of having a GED and not a high school diploma.

“Who do you think you’re talking to?  I have a GED,” Carol said.

I was floored by that remark.  She went on to tell me about how administrators didn’t really look at high school grades.  Everyone has problems when they’re young and they know that.

Whoa, I’m sorry.  I’m rambling now.  Bottom line is, she gave me the confidence boost that I needed to get off my ass and accomplish this.  She also told me that she was there if I needed any tutoring or homework help (specifically in math).

So here we are.  The end of a story that was longer than it should have been, but hey, I’m a descriptive writer.

My hopes are to be majoring in Biology and double minoring in English/History in two years.  THEN!  TEFL certification and it’s OFF to go teach for a year in a foreign country.  Why?  Because I think it’d be an amazing experience that I need to take advantage of.

Okay, the end.  For real this time.

First Entry!?

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Alright, so here it goes.

This is the first entry on my new blog!  I don’t have any followers yet, so I don’t exactly know who is going to read this, but my mantra and life motto is “fuck it”.  I’ll start this blog off in a very narcissistic fashion; by talking about myself.

My name is Danny and it’s 2:00am.  I was born and raised in Detroit, MI, which is where I still reside.  I love Detroit and I have so many positive (and negative) things to say about it, but I can fill up another entry with that.

I’m an aspiring…well, I have no idea what I aspire to do.  I have plenty of interests, very little passions.  It’s quite a funny condition, really.  There are so many things I dream of doing, yet, I don’t think I’d be happy doing any of them for the rest of my life.  Teaching, writing, learning to play an instrument and pursuing music, medical field, photographer, poet, veterinarian, astronaut, superhero, etc.  Okay, well, I’d love to be a superhero for the rest of my life.

I’m at an age (21) where I really need to figure out what I want to do.  I want to be successful.  I don’t want to be ashamed.  I don’t want to turn out like the rest of my family.  I’m not saying that I want to be rich or anything.  I would just like to be financially stable someday and not have to worry.  I’d also like to not hate my job and feel like it’s draining my life away everyday.  Simple as that, right?

Well, I’ve made it a personal goal for the first part of 2013 to make a final decision with what I want to go into school for.  The next part of 2013, I’m starting school.  I’m getting really sick and tired of being at a stand-still in my life and feeling like I’m trapped.

I also like to write poetry, so this blog will be seeing a lot of that.

It’s 2:10am now and I’m really starting to get tired, so I’ll cut this short.  I’m really going to try to make a blog entry once a week.  I’m pretty much doing this for me, I don’t give a fuck who reads it, who doesn’t, who does or doesn’t like it, blah.

“Do not slide i…

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“Do not slide into bed with the Devil unless you intend to fuck.” – Otep Shamaya